4 Gallon Kit Casting Resin Epoxy


Pour Your Own Epoxy® Casting Resin Epoxy has been engineered to be affordable and user friendly by having low VOC, and little to no odor with a slower exothermic reaction to prevent shrinkage and cracking. Used with our Mica powders or liquid colorant to create one of a kind epoxy river furniture or mid-size art projects.

Pour Your Own Epoxy® Casting Resin Epoxy features a 3:1 mixing ratio and can be pour up to 1.75 thick at 4 gallons and deeper in lower volumes. For volume pours over 4 gallons a fan is recommend moving cool air over top of raised work piece. For deeper/large volume pours we recommend pouring 1 inch layers and using a misting bottle with Denatured Alcohol to remove surface bubbles.

When using indoors; ventilation or respiration equipment is recommended.


Each epoxy kit includes 3 resin (part A white caps) and 1 hardener (part B black caps).

Mix thoroughly for three to five (3-5) minutes scraping the sides and bottom of mixing container and transfer to a clean secondary mixing container and mix again for best results.

Pour at temperatures between 55°F- 75°F with low humidity in a dust free environment. Store above 32°F. Once mixed and poured allow 12-24 hours between pouring additional layers. Wait 3-5 days for a machine ready cure and 30-45 days for a full optimal hardness.

4 Gallon Kit Casting Resin Epoxy is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.